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Director: Miles Millar, Alfred Gough

First aired:

Overview: Wednesday Addams is sent to Nevermore Academy, a bizarre boarding school where she attempts to master her psychic powers, stop a monstrous killing spree of the town citizens, and solve the supernatural mystery that affected her family 25 years ago — all while navigating her new relationships.

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Trailer Cast Crew

    • Jenna Ortega

      Wednesday Addams / Goody Addams
    • Emma Myers

      Enid Sinclair
    • Joy Sunday

      Bianca Barclay
    • Percy Hynes White

      Xavier Thorpe
    • Hunter Doohan

      Tyler Galpin
    • Gwendoline Christie

      Larissa Weems
    • Riki Lindhome

      Valerie Kinbott
    • Jamie McShane

      Donovan Galpin
    • Moosa Mostafa

      Eugene Otinger
    • Christina Ricci

      Marilyn Thornhill
    • Georgie Farmer

      Ajax Petropolus
    • Naomi J. Ogawa

      Yoko Tanaka
    • Danny Elfman (Sound)

    • John Loranger (Sound)

    • Andrew Mittman (Production)

    • Charles Addams (Writing)

    • Colleen Atwood (Costume & Make-Up)

    • Tom Turnbull (Visual Effects)

    • Liviu Lupsa (Sound)

    • Gail Berman (Production)

    • Mark Scruton (Art)

    • Chris Bacon (Crew)

    • Razvan Ilinca (Editing)

    • Steve Stark (Production)

    • Jonathan Glickman (Production)

    • Vlad Roseanu (Art)

    • Kevin Miserocchi (Production)

    • Kayla Alpert (Production)

    • Miles Millar (Production)

    • Alfred Gough (Production)

    • Adrian Curelea (Art)

    • Tim Burton (Production)

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