Death Wish

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Title: Death Wish

Tagline: Vigilante, city style — judge, jury, and executioner.

Director: Michael Winner

Status: Released

Release: 1974-07-24

Runtime: 93 Minutes

Plot: After his wife is murdered by street punks, a pacifistic New York City architect becomes a one-man vigilante squad, prowling the streets for would-be muggers after dark.

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Trailer Cast

    • Charles Bronson

      Paul Kersey
    • Hope Lange

      Joanna Kersey
    • Vincent Gardenia

      Frank Ochoa
    • Steven Keats

      Jack Toby
    • William Redfield

      Sam Kreutzer
    • Stuart Margolin

      Aimes Jainchill
    • Stephen Elliott

      Police Commissioner
    • Kathleen Tolan

      Carol Toby
    • Jack Wallace

    • Fred J. Scollay

      District Attorney
    • Chris Gampel

    • Robert Kya-Hill

      Joe Charles
    • Ed Grover

      Lt. Briggs
    • Jeff Goldblum

      Freak #1
    • Christopher Logan

      Freak #2
    • Gregory Rozakis

    • Floyd Levine

      Desk Sergeant
    • Helen Martin

      Alma Lee Brown
    • Hank Garrett

      Andrew McCabe
    • Christopher Guest

      Patrolman Reilly
    • Marcia Jean Kurtz

    • Ken Ackles

      Mugger in Park #1 (uncredited)
    • Marshall Anker

      Mourner at funeral (uncredited)
    • Robyn Blythe

      Woman in Chicago (uncredited)
    • William Bogert

      Fred Brown (uncredited)
    • Bruce Brown

      Newsman (uncredited)
    • Robert Dahdah

      Man on Street (uncredited)
    • Paul Dooley

      Cop at Hospital (uncredited)
    • Olympia Dukakis

      Cop at the Precinct (uncredited)
    • Starletta DuPois

      Lady at Police Station (uncredited)
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First in the 'Death Wish' franchise and good story to get to grips with. It's gritty, nasty and mean, but then Charles Bronson was made for the part of Paul Kersey. He's unphased, calm and collected in dishing out his own style of justice after his wife and daughter were accosted by a gang of low lifes. Despite it being 48 years old (at time of this post) it's still a good action thriller (y)