Can't Go Home

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Director: Tom Mariano,Chris Byers,Amy Mariano

First aired:

Show status: Returning Series

Overview: Tom has one day to find and deport a high value fugitive or he'll be forced to step down as captain of the unit. While searching for the fugitive, Tom finds nearly half a million dollars that belong to the Santana brothers

Cast Crew

    • Michele Dawson

      Laura Cassidy
    • Anthony Locastro

      Joseph Greco
    • John Turturro

      Paulo Santana
    • Esai Morales

      Victor Castelo
    • Paul Guilfoyle

      Detective Peter Bartlett
    • Lenny Clarke

    • Leigh Rachel Faith

      Cameron Spencer
    • Tom Mariano

      Tom Desjadon
    • Steven O'Broin

      Noah Redban
    • Patrick Graziano

    • Charles D. Clark

    • Jennifer Garner

      K.D Williams
    • Rafael Sigler

      Hector Castelo
    • Justine Follansbee (Art)

    • Ramsey Eassa (Writing)

    • Tom Mariano (Writing)

    • Chris Byers (Production)

    • Jeff Medeiros (Crew)

    • Jason Chamberlain (Camera)

    • Grace McDade (Costume & Make-Up)

    • Babikian (Costume & Make-Up)

    • A.J. Arias (Production)

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