Where the Wind Blows

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Title: Where the Wind Blows

Tagline: The most momentous but unacknowledged chapter in the past thirty years of Hong Kong's history

Director: Philip Yung

Status: Released

Release: 2023-02-05

Runtime: 143 Minutes

Plot: In the 70's, the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (HKICAC) was founded. The mission to hunt down corrupted detectives unveiled a new chapter of the colonial Hong Kong. Lui Lok (Aaron Kwok) and Nam Kong (Tony Leung) who used to be two righteous police officers wanted to change the status quo. They built an empire of corruption by controlling organized crime and eventually took the position of Chief Chinese Detective. However, power struggle has always been the cause of chaos between the triads and police. Lui Lok’s wife, Tsai Zhen (Du Juan), was targeted by the triads for helping her husband in gaining his position. Even the most loyal detectives, Fat-Bee (Michael Chow) and Yim Hung (Patrick Tam), almost turned their backs to Lui Lok. A new episode of history has begun when HKICAC issues the wanted notices for Lui Lok and Nam Kong. Their era has officially come to an end. Where the wind blows, Hong Kong is no longer where it used to be.

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Tony Leung Chiu-wai

      Nam Kong
    • Aaron Kwok

      Lui Lok
    • Patrick Tam

      Yim Hung
    • Michael Chow Man-Kin

      Fat Bee
    • Du Juan

      Tsai Zhen
    • Michael Hui

      George Lee
    • Jessie Li

      Xiao Yue
    • Elaine Jin

    • Jeana Ho Pui-Yu

    • Michael Ning

    • Lam Yiu-Sing

    • Chui Tien-You

    • Lawrence Ko

    • Tai Bo

    • Vincent Wan Yeung-Ming

    • Tse Kwan-Ho

    • Deon Cheung

    • Maggie Cheung Hoh-Yee

    • Ron Ng

    • Louis Cheung

    • Zeng Yi-xuan

    • Rose Chan Ka-Wun

    • Ho Kai-Nam

    • Tu Duu-chih (Sound)

      Sound Designer
    • Wu Shu-yao (Sound)

      Sound Designer
    • Chin Ting-Chang (Camera)

      Director of Photography
    • Matthieu Laclau (Editing)

    • Julia Chu (Production)

    • Ding Ke (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • Bill Lui Cho-Hung (Art)

      Art Direction
    • Zhang Yifan (Editing)

    • Philip Yung (Writing)

    • Eric Kwong Chi-Leung (Editing)

    • Dora Ng Lei-Lo (Costume & Make-Up)

      Costume Designer
    • 《風再起時》Where The Wind Blows 先導預告Teaser Trailer | 指日可待 締造經典

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