The Returned

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Director: Carlton Cuse

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Overview: A small town that is turned upside down when several local people, who have long been presumed dead, suddenly reappear; their presence creates both positive and negative consequences. As families are reunited, the lives of those who were left behind are challenged both physically and emotionally.

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Trailer Cast Crew

    • Kevin Alejandro

      Tommy Solano
    • Agnes Bruckner

      Nikki Banks
    • India Ennenga

      Camille Winship
    • Sandrine Holt

      Julie Han
    • Sophie Lowe

      Lena Winship
    • Mark Pellegrino

      Jack Winship
    • Jeremy Sisto

      Peter Lattimore
    • Mat Vairo

      Simon Moran
    • Mary Elizabeth Winstead

      Rowan Blackshaw
    • Tandi Wright

      Claire Winship
    • Charles Leitrants (Art)

    • Mark Server (Sound)

    • Kendelle Elliott (Art)

    • Dan Rucinski (Visual Effects)

    • David McKillop (Production)

    • Rick Ash (Sound)

    • Alex Burdett (Crew)

    • Jessica Sherman (Production)

    • Monique Prudhomme (Costume & Make-Up)

    • Carlton Cuse (Production)

    • Jimmy Desmarais (Production)

    • Justis Greene (Production)

    • Scott Irvine (Crew)

    • Brian Armstrong (Sound)

    • Robert DeBitetto (Production)

    • Tony Whiteside (Camera)

    • Zoe Keating (Sound)

    • Cory Bird (Production)

    • Corey Jones (Directing)

    • Jennifer Metcalf (Production)

    • Frankie Pine (Sound)

    • Donna Bis (Costume & Make-Up)

    • Thom Beers (Production)

    • John Willett (Art)

    • Jeff Russo (Sound)

    • Stephanie Berk (Production)

    • David Altenau (Visual Effects)

    • Graham Roland (Production)

    • April Webster (Production)

    • Mark Noda (Sound)

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