The War of the Worlds

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Director: Peter Harness

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Overview: In Edwardian England, George and his partner Amy attempt to defy society and start a life together as they face the escalating terror of an alien invasion, fighting for their lives against an enemy beyond their comprehension.

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Trailer Cast Crew

    • Eleanor Tomlinson

    • Rafe Spall

    • Robert Carlyle

    • Rupert Graves

    • Jon Baker (Crew)

    • Rosie Carter (Production)

    • Paul Testar (Writing)

    • Preethi Mavahalli (Production)

    • Cassie O'Brien Pollard (Costume & Make-Up)

    • Andrew Daniel (Editing)

    • Deborah Shepherd (Costume & Make-Up)

    • Andrew Bainbridge (Production)

    • Sarah Spears (Costume & Make-Up)

    • Julie Atkins (Costume & Make-Up)

    • Tony Gibson (Sound)

    • Amy Stewart (Costume & Make-Up)

    • Kate Larking (Production)

    • Kristian Dench (Directing)

    • Pat Campbell (Art)

    • Rebecca Gillespie (Crew)

    • Oliver Lajevardi (Art)

    • Rachel Randle (Art)

    • Tommy Bulfin (Production)

    • Jonathan Seale (Sound)

    • Portia Napier (Crew)

    • Russ Davies (Sound)

    • Alessio Masi (Sound)

    • Ben Blackall (Camera)

    • Daniel Gadd (Camera)

    • Milos Moore (Camera)

    • Chris Sowden (Lighting)

    • Jonathan Stanley (Camera)

    • Andy Waddington (Lighting)

    • Kira Kemble (Art)

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