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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Director: Michael Jelenic, Aaron Horvath

Release: 2023-03-23

Plot: A Brooklyn plumber named Mario travels through the Mushroom Kingdom with a Princess named Peach and an anthropomorphic mushroom named Toad to find Mario's brother, Luigi, to save the world from a ruthless fire-breathing monster named Bowser.

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Chris Pratt

      Mario (voice)
    • Anya Taylor-Joy

      Princess Peach (voice)
    • Charlie Day

      Luigi (voice)
    • Jack Black

      Bowser (voice)
    • Keegan-Michael Key

      Toad (voice)
    • Seth Rogen

      Donkey Kong (voice)
    • Fred Armisen

      Cranky Kong (voice)
    • Kevin Michael Richardson

      Kamek (voice)
    • Sebastian Maniscalco

      Spike (voice)
    • Charles Martinet

    • Khary Payton

      Penguin King (voice)
    • Eric Bauza

    • Jessica DiCicco

      Yellow Toad (voice)
    • Koji Kondo (Sound)

      Music Consultant
    • Shuntaro Furukawa (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Toyokazu Nonaka (Production)

      Consulting Producer
    • Matt Fogel (Writing)

    • Robert Taylor (Production)

      Associate Producer
    • Christopher Meledandri (Production)

    • Ed Skudder (Writing)

      Head of Story
    • Janet Healy (Production)

    • Brian Tyler (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • Aaron Horvath (Directing)

    • Shigeru Miyamoto (Writing)

    • Benjamin Faure (Visual Effects)

      Lead Animator
    • Michael Jelenic (Directing)

    • Official Teaser Trailer

      • Trailer
    • Official Trailer

      • Trailer
    • Mushroom Kingdom - Official Movie Clip

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    • Smash

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