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Director: Quoc Dang Tran

First aired:

Overview: Four teenagers' lives are turned upside down when a mysterious event propels them into parallel dimensions.

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Trailer Cast Crew

    • Timoté Rigault

      Bilal Belkebirs (14 years)
    • Thomas Chomel

      Samuel "Sam" Deslandes
    • Omar Mebrouk

      Bilal Belkebirs (30 years)
    • Jules Houplain

      Victor Deslandes (17 years)
    • Jade Pedri

      Romane Berthauds (17 years)
    • Naidra Ayadi

      Sofia Belkebirs
    • Guillaume Labbé

      Leutnant Retz
    • Gil Alma

      Arnaud Deslandes
    • Elise Diamant

      Alice Deslandes
    • Dimitri Storoge

      Hervé Berthaud
    • Agnès Miguras

      Vanessa Berthaud
    • Maxime Bergeron

      Victor Deslandes (13 years)
    • Victoria Eber

      Romane Berthauds (14 years)
    • Romain Francisco

      Laurent - Adjoint Retz
    • Éric Laroche (Production)

    • Jean-Baptiste Saurel (Directing)

    • Raphaël Rocher (Production)

    • François Liétout (Sound)

    • Quoc Dang Tran (Production)

    • Antony Diaz (Camera)

    • Anastasia Heinzl (Writing)

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