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Director: Simon Barry

First aired:

Overview: The series centers on the conflict between a group of rebels from the year 2077 who time-travel to Vancouver, BC, in 2012, and a police officer who accidentally accompanies them. In spite of being many years early, the rebel group decides to continue its violent campaign to stop corporations of the future from replacing governments, while the police officer endeavours to stop them without revealing to anyone that she and the rebels are from the future.

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Trailer Cast

    • Rachel Nichols

      Kiera Cameron
    • Erik Knudsen

      Alec Sadler
    • Victor Webster

      Carlos Fonnegra
    • Stephen Lobo

      Matthew Kellog
    • Roger Cross

      Travis Verta
    • Lexa Doig

      Sonya Valentine
    • Tony Amendola

      Edouard Kagame
    • Omari Newton

      Lucas Ingram
    • Luvia Petersen

      Jasmine Garza
    • Jennifer Spence

      Betty Robertson
    • Brian Markinson

      Jack Dillon
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