Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

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Director: Leslie Stevens, Glen A. Larson

First aired:

Overview: 20th-century astronaut Buck Rogers awakens in the 25th century after a freak accident puts him in suspended animation for 500 years. Upon returning to Earth and discovering the planet is recovering from a nuclear war, Buck uses his combat skills and ingenuity to protect Earth and fight evil throughout the galaxy alongside starfighter pilot Colonel Wilma Deering and robot companion Twiki.

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Trailer Cast Crew

    • Gil Gerard

      Buck Rogers
    • Erin Gray

      Wilma Deering
    • Wilfrid Hyde-White

      Dr. Goodfellow
    • Thom Christopher

    • Jay Garner

      Admiral Efram Asimov
    • Felix Silla

    • Glen A. Larson (Production)

    • Kenneth Hale (Camera)

    • Douglas Knapp (Camera)

    • Dick Wahrman (Sound)

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